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Posted on July 4th by admin

Rostering for most organizations or groups typically involves assigning a person to a task (you may call them shifts, jobs, or something totally different) at a specific time. For example:

Ben will Stack Shelves from 9am-5pm or Janet will Team Manage from 10am-3pm

More often than not, the role the person will perform is the same as, or very close to, the task that is to be performed.

So Ben is a Shelf Stacker (role) and he will Stack Shelves (task), and Janet is a Team Manager (role) and she will Team Manage (task).

Up until now, GoAssign only supported this assumption.

But what if the role a person is to perform doesn't describe the task in enough detail? What if you wanted to see something more on your roster than simply the role? For example, the name of an event they will have to attend to perform the task, or a special id that you use to describe the task, or any other number of organization specific possibilities?

For that reason, we have introduced Titles. Titles replace the usual display of "Role ยท Team" for tasks and display the more descriptive title instead.

As you can see in the screenshot below, instead of only saying that Karen Moore is a Backing Singer from 6pm-12am, we might want to actually say she is Backing for Katy Perry! Which we can now do with the new Titles feature.

We hope you enjoy this great new addition to GoAssign and we look forward to bringing you more like it in the near future. Please let us know via our support portal if you have any questions regarding this new feature.

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